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Icons and Things by Alyce
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Welcome to Aristuff, the icon/scan/junk (but mainly icon) journal of spectrum. When this journal was first created, it was friends only, but I've since publicized it, as I didn't see much need to keep everything hidden to all but a few.

aristuff is basically short for Arise stuff. I am spectrum, and this is my stuff. Rawr. But, more specifically, Aristuff is like an icon journal, except it has other crap like random anime/manga scans as well. Or rather, it will eventually. I have a lot of scans lying around, but I plan to post them sometime later. As of now, it's just my icons.

A list of credits for patterns, brushes, etc can be found in this post.

1.) The number one rule of this community is:

How to credit for user pictures.
If you can comment on and credit for all of the things that you take, then feel free to take whatever you like. If I discover that you've taken things from here without giving credit, you will be added to a "wall of shame" type entry until you fix your mistake. You can credit in your icon keywords to either aristuff or spectrum. Icons should be credited IN KEYWORDS. You can credit elsewhere also, but keyword credit MUST be present.

2.) Please do not direct link to anything posted here. If you want to use something, save the image and upload it to your own server.

3.) Do not make modifications to any icons that are posted here without permission from me, unless it is specifically posted as a base. Blank icons are not necessarily bases.

4.) Be polite and use common sense.

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If I know you and you have an icon journal, then I would be happy to affiliate with you ♥ I might also be willing to affiliate with other people's icon journals, depending on the quality, etc, but we'll see how that goes if people actually show interest. Please comment on this post if you'd like to affiliate.